Undergraduate Membership EligibilityDeclared major in Accounting, Finance or Management Information SystemsCompleted at least 60 credit hoursOverall3.0 major GPA or higher enrolled in a 300-level major course or higher graduate Membership Eligibility Declared concentration in Accounting, Finance or Management Information Systems6 semester hours in grad-level courses overall 3.0 graduate GPA or higher initial Membership requirements to be eligible for the initiation, you must be involved in two semesters of Beta Alpha Psi and fulfill the hour requirements. The hour requirements are:12 Service Hours12 Professional Hours8 Hours of either Service OR Professional (Flexible Hours)In total, 32 hours are required to be initiated at the conclusion of your two-semester candidacy period. Initiated members must also maintain the 32 hour year policy. In addition to the hour requirements, candidates must maintain strong attendance. Continuing Membership RequirementsEach semester, members in good standing must: Continue meeting the professional and service hour requirements as noted above Maintain the GPA requirementPay membership dues. Be present for all required BAP events. Regularly attend Chapter meetings unless you receive permission from the BAP Faculty Advisor to miss the meetings due to class/work that cannot be rescheduled to another time. Members in good standing will receive cords prior to graduation to recognize your high academic and professional/service achievements as a BAP member. Members who do not meet the continued requirements will be asked to resign from BAP.Dues$150 1st Semester Candidate$100 2nd Semester Candidate$50 Member'