Membership Requirements

Undergraduate Membership Eligibility 

  • Declared major in Accounting, Finance or Management Information Systems
  • Completed at least 60 credit hours
  • Overall 3.0 major GPA or higher
  • Enrolled in a 300-level major course or higher

Graduate Membership Eligibility
  • Declared concentration in Accounting, Finance or Management Information Systems
  • 6 semester hours in grad-level courses
  • Overall 3.0 graduate GPA or higher

Membership Requirements

To be eligible for initiation, you must be involved in two semesters of Beta Alpha Psi and fulfill the hour requirements. The hour requirements are:
  • 12 Service Hours
  • 12 Professional Hours
  • 8 Hours of either Service OR Professional (Flexible Hours)

In total, 32 hours are required to be initiated at the conclusion of your two-semester candidacy period. In additional to the hour requirements, candidates must maintain strong attendance. 

  • $150     1st Semester Candidate
  • $100     2nd Semester Candidate
  • $50       Member